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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Test Photos

LAst Thursday we had a really great fun at Basti's Brew, drinking coffee and chatting and stuff. It was definitely one laid-back afternoon that started with coffee and ended with beer. Haha. More pictures soon!

On the same day i received my new w290! Its soooo gorgeous. I love that Ms Joey, my station manager (for 105.9 Mix FM), gave me the one in brown , because well, its a really nice color (plus its not too common).

Anyhoo, we tried the camera out for a while until we discovered that we copuld actually edit photos on the camera itself! Ain't that cool? Goodbye photoshop (since i never really learned how to use photoshop), hello instant retouching!

Here is a photo taken by my friend B.Yu. We tried editing and retouching it on my camera several times..It turned out great!

I therefore conclude, the W290 is the perfect buddy for all partyphiles out there! Since we all want easy-to-use cameras that have tons of great features.

Oh, and did i mention that it has 12.1 Megapixels?

AGain, thank you to Sony for my camera!

Photo s taken by Braeden Annz Yu with a Sony Cybershot W290

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