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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xmas is Here, Let’s Play!

Christmas Day has just ended but the smell of Noche Buena fare is sure to still be wafting in your home. In fact, your garbage cans are still filled with gift wrappers and (for some of us) those unappreciated gifts from our annoying exes; and our social calendars are still chuck full of Christmas parties and reunions until the earlier part of January.

If you are simply attending these reunions and parties, then you are in luck. All you have to do is show up with your uninspired gift and avail of all the food and be chummy with friends you hardly even talk to anymore. However, if you are the one planning the party, or the one assigned to make it more fun, the task of finding fun (not corny) games for your Christmas party may be harder that looking for that classy yet affordable gift for your boss. So here are some of my game suggestions:

1.) Stick It On That Body Part! : So here is a game that can get a little naughty although it requires some noggin’ usage and a sense of familiarity among the participants. That being said, it is most applicable to reunions. The game is easy. Members are divided into three or four groups and each group chooses a model. Each team is given a roll of masking tape. Then, the moderator asks each group to stick pieces of masking tape on any body part that starts with the chosen letter. The moderator chooses the letter, announces it, and times the challenge. I suggest two to three minutes per letter. Then, the models are presented in front of each other and the pieces of masking tape are counted. The whole group must agree if the body part is acceptable or not. The team that gets the most points wins. Thanks to Suzette Tan-Atmosfera for the tip!

2.) Tell Me A Story! : This next game is appropriate for corporate parties and such. It requires contestants to form three groups of four. Each group forms a line with their first representative at the front of the line. A moderator asks general questions like “what is the essence of Christmas?” and the representatives try to answer it three words at a time. So, the first representative answers using three words, which the second representative then connects to, until they make a long conversation or paragraph. They do not have to answer the question, and they do not have to make sense. All that is required is that they do not exceed the three word limit. Whenever one person says more than three words, a point is awarded to both of their opposing teams, and s/he is replaced by the next person in line. A sample conversation reads like:

Moderator: What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Representative 1: The true meaning…

Representative 2: …of Christmas is…

Representative 3: … having fun in…

*back to Representative 1: … the beach, man!

3.) Wrap It Up! : If your guests have been on Earth even before Cher was born, you would definitely want to choose games that are a little more subdued like a gift-wrapping contest. Simply provide both teams with some wrapping paper, ribbons, tape, and scissors and ask them to wrap empty boxes. If you want to make it more challenging, you may hide the materials around the venue before they start wrapping.

4.) Sing-A-Song! : This is one of the simplest games in my Yuletide Roster. Simply divide the participants into three or four groups and give them five minutes to jot down all the Christmas songs they know. Then each group takes turns in singing one Christmas Song. If other groups happen to have the same song in their list, they crash it out from their list. The next group then sings one of their Yuletide tunes. The group that has the most titles left, wins the prize.

5.) Get Wasted! : This is one of the simplest games ever; and all you need for this game is a pair of different colored dice and six participants. All you do is roll the dice and check out the results. The first die indicates the number of shots the person drinks. The second die indicates who among the six participants should take a shot. Note: if the die ands on a five, the person who threw it starts counting from his right-hand side until he reaches the fifth person. Nobody gets a prize, but everybody gets wasted. And we all know that getting boozed up is the true meaning of Christmas…well, at least in Partylandia, it is.

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