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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunset Sessions

This Summer has seen it’s share of drama in Partylandia as some of our most favored bars and watering holes have closed down. Plus, the strict implementation of the 2 AM liquor ban left partyphiles, well, sober. And everyone knows a night around town without getting wasted is a night wasted. So I was glad to know that my favorite event-organizers decided to throw a sunset party. The concept was simple, really. If we cannot drink until the wee hours of the morning, then we must start earlier. And that was exactly what Fishtank Productions gave us as they threw the only sunset party this year.

Sunset Sessions seemed promising, and it lived up to that promise. Much can be said about that party and how great it was, but I will give you the reasons why I thought it was the hottest party this Summer.

First of all, it was held at Villa de Mercedes. As everyone knows, this is the first event at VDM wherein everybody was invited (you need to be a member to enjoy their amenities). And although VDM was miles and miles away (I paid the cab driver 300 to bring me there, plus he complained the whole way) it was definitely worth the travel. In fact, this party looked like it could have been a screen shot from a movie or a really sexy television series (think, Sex and the City or the new 90210). It was nice to see partyphiles dancing on a make shift dance floor against the back drop of an infinity pool that seemed to disappear into Davao Gulf; and the city lights, oh the wonderful city lights, were all the lasers we needed. As I was watching partyphiles hit the dance floor against the gorgeous back drop of the nightscape and the Davao Gulf I realized that this party was about Davao. How we, in spite of all the drama that surrounds the current party scene, are still intrinsically partyphiles. It was inspiring to know that local partyphiles would travel this far just to party, and party they did!

And how could they not? Davao’s favorite spin-master, DJ Torch dished out the best of the best party hits as Davaoeno partyphiles hit the floor and gyrated to the freshest beats. Karl Ty from Superfly Manila then stepped in, to give us a taste of what Manila party-music sounded like. And although it was puzzling to some, most seemed to enjoy the fresh take on dance music.

As with most Fishtank events, unlimited alcohol was served up until midnight. Of course, they may have given drinks away far later than that, but my drunken memory says the free booze stopped flowing by the strike of twelve. And it did not matter. The party officially started around four in the afternoon, and eight hours of free booze is enough for a sane partyphile.

To accompany those gorgeous alcohol mixes, grilled fare was served. My friends especially enjoyed the uberly-tender squid and the juicy chicken, and I felt like this was the perfect accompaniment to my Vodka-Sprite. In fact, this party had all the workings of the perfect Summer soiree. They had a breathtakingly gorgeous venue, an awe-inspiring view, free alcohol, the best beats, and the crowd was gorgeous.

Even the hour-long (or two) black-out did not stop partyphiles from parting. Somehow, they managed to get some music piped in from a car, torches lit up the places, and the party continued, albeit more quietly. However, nobody seemed to mind, as people were still coming in group by group. In fact, my friends and I agreed that this was probably the best part of the night. It was refreshing to be in a party where no one cared about the other people in the party, and friends actually had time to talk as they watched the gorgeous view. For us, the black out was the perfect opportunity to chillax before hitting the dance floor. Everybody must have been thinking the same, because moments after power was restored, partyphiles started hitting the dance floor. And the dancing lasted until the wee hours of the morning, just like any other Fishtank party.

However, unlike most Fishtank parties, something about this one struck me. It wasn’t like any other party I’ve gone too. I guess it is a rare incidence when you could actually party, drink up, and dance, while contemplating about life in general, or even just talk with your best friends. I think the gorgeous back drop of the event (the nightscape, pool, and sea) allowed it to have a sense of serenity amidst all that wild partying. And that in itself is something to be thankful of. And maybe that is the true meaning of partyphilia: realizing that the loudest party may not be the best; and that sometimes, all we need to have fun is a group of friends, music in the background, and unlimited booze.

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