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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Partyphile Horoscope

Published in Edge Davao Business Weekly

The Chinese New Year is here and everyone, including partyphiles, would want to know about their luck and fortune for 2009. However, it gets confusing when you realize that horoscopes provided by the newspapers and other sources never really agree with each other. But when you are looking for your party horoscope for the year of the Brown Cow, there is only one place where you can get that: HERE. So read on and discover what 2009 holds for you, my dear partyphile.

Tiger: This year, you may have to rely on your resourcefulness much more than before. So when the bouncer denies you access to the VIP, use your quick wit and find ways to get in. The feisty yet charismatic tiger is hard to refuse. Use your charms and people skills to get what you want, when you want it.

Ox: You will do great things this year through steady, steely determination. If you are a partyphile wannabe or a budding partyphile, do not rush things. Take things slowly but surely and you will definitely be on your way to ultimate partyphilia! If you have already sealed your spot in the metro’s roster of partyphiles, just keep partying hearty and you will stay in the party map until the end of the year.
Rat: You will be a wee bit more popular this year, especially in the first few months. However, be wary of booking too much gimmicks. Do not spread yourself too thin. Even the hardest party-goers know when to stop partying. You are sure to rise to the party elite if you plan your night outs properly, and never make your friends feel short-handed.

Pig: You have always been known for your generosity, my porky partyphile. Keep your giving streak to a maximum and be extra generous to your family, friends, and more importantly, your gimmick buddies. This will not only improve your relationshipswith them, but will also bring you good karma and make you successful in other areas of life. But always remember to find alone time. Do not forget to give your self time or this will lead to some serious priority shifts.

Dog: This year you will find that your work may be in conflict with your regular night-outs. Set your priorities straight and decide which one is more important: work or partying. This will be somewhat of a challenge since your stressful work environment will keep on pushing you to spend more time with your closest friends. Keep things in perspective and do what you always do: work hard and party harder!

Rooster: Get ready for one hard-partying year! 2009 will prove to be one of the best years for you, little partyphile. The party persona you have always tried to attain will now become your reality. Things you never thought were possible in partylandia may happen and you have to be ready for these. You do not need much advice for 2009, as it will be very good for you, over-all. Just be yourself, and watch you party star rise this year!

Watch out for the next half of this horoscope soon

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