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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Non-Valentine Valentines Party

Love is still all around you. You still hear love birds chirping along the city streets; the sight of lovers’ holding hands still makes you want to strangle yourself; and sparkling glittery hearts are still scattered all over the metro. Valentines should have ended by now, but like any other season in the Phillies, it is extended until the next big occasion (which, in this case is the March Graduation ceremonies).

So you lay in bed at night, wallowing in self pity, picking every single part of you that you begin to dislike, when the only thing you truly resent is the fact that the cosmos is still reminding you that you are loveless this season.

However, you do not need to put yourself through all these. All you need is a party to ward off those Valentine-blues! So go ahead, gather your closest single friends, and have a Valentine-themed, farewell party for the season you hate most: Valentines.

Cocktails: It isn’t a party unless you have cocktails. Serve up some festive cocktails like Red Margaritas and Pink Cosmopolitans. If you want something simple, sweet and fast: grab a glass, fill it with ice, add a jigger or two of vodka, some Grenadine syrup and fill it to the top with Lemon-Lime flavored soda or soda water. This Pink bubbly drink will be the star of the party.

Red Dots: Want to make your drinks a little more festive? Put some red gum drops or candies in an ice tray, fill it with water and freeze. Use these to top your favorite drinks to give them a little more Valentine appeal.

Food: Don’t stress yourself. Ask your friends to bring a dish or two with them. You will take care of the desserts and canapĂ©s and appetizers. Find a cute skewer and string pieces of chocolate and cherries thru them. Buy some Strawberry cake from your local bakeshop; slice them to about an inch thick, and cut them out into heart shapes with cookie-cutters. Put a dollop of cream on some sweet crackers and top it off with strawberry jam, or a piece of red chocolate.

Ambience: Wrap your light bulbs with red plastic or cover your lamps with red fabric to give your place a more sensual and romantic atmosphere. Hang five to seven red Christmas balls with cascading heights in every corner of your home for a festive but chic look. If you are feeling extra-luxurious, you could scatter some red rose petals on the floor, or on pink table cloths. But please do not fill your house with little sparkling hearts. You do not want to make your home look like a tacky mall display-window, now, would you?

Music: If you want to be senti this season, go on and play tear-jerkers like Brandy’s Long Distance, Mikaila’s Art of Letting Go, 3 Doors Down’s Here Without You and Brian McKnight’s One Last Cry. If you are looking for something more up-tempo, play Mariah Carey’s Bye Bye or Don’t Forget about Us, Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love, Mary J. Blige’s Be Without You or Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

You are now officially ready to throw a chic Non-Valentine, Valentine’s party! So celebrate with all your single friends, and get all the Reds, Pinks, and Hearts you could take on that day; because right after that, you will finally be ready to say good bye to the Valentine season and all the depression it brings along with it.

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