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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Partyphiles Confess: Puking vs. Passng Out

I asked: what is your most embarrassing story that involves puking or passing out from too much alcohol?

Carol: I was at Seawall with my friends and I wanted to vomit so bad, I hailed a peanut vendor, bought ten pesos worth of peanuts and paid him. Once he left I threw away all the peanuts and puked inside the small paper bag. Now, I realize I could have just puked anywhere in Seawall.

Claire: I passed out while partying and then I woke up the next Sunday morning and found out I was still inside the bar

Rica: I passed out in front of The Brewery and woke up the next day in the bed of my crush.

Nate: My neighbor woke up me one day while laughing hysterically. I was filled with dog hair and he explained that I slept in their garage while hugging their dog.

Josh: I was so drunk I puked inside a flower box only to find out that it was still under construction and men were still working on it as I was puking my heart out.

Albert: I was in Manila and I got excited because they didn't impose a liquor ban. I drank too much and ended up puking all through Ayala avenue. I was in my brother's car and I kept on asking him to stop because I had to puke. This was at 7 am on a Monday. And yes, people in buses, jeepneys, cabs, and private cars all kept staring at me in horror.

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