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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Partyphiles Confess: Valentines Gifts

I asked: What is the best Valentines gift?

Here are your answers:

  1. Gretchen Fullido: Honesty ad loyalty for people in a relationship. For material gifts, a ring or bracelet that has "meaning" is really sweet.
  2. Micah Frasco: If your partner gives his best efforts just to spend time with you no matter how tired or busy he is. A surprise getaway is also nice.
  3. Michael Parr: TLC, Hugs, and Kisses
  4. Jane Francis: Prayer
  5. Ling Paradero: Lingerie
  6. Noel Christ: A marriage proposal if they aren't married yet.
  7. Yvonne Berzabal: The usual flowers and chocolates
  8. Raymund Libre: A bunch of flowers made out of chocolates instead of the usual flowers and chocolates combo.
  9. Pee-ay Sanico: A trip to El Nido
  10. Carl Abueva: His time
  11. Petrina Ng: A roatrip to somewhere nice and rural and then floating lanterns at night.
  12. Chakadal: Yourself
  13. Juyjuy Rivera: For me, a bag from Charles and Keith
  14. RJ: Showing how much you love your partner just by saying "I Love You" sincerely
  15. Tomas: True love
  16. Mars: True love, loyalty and faithfulness
  17. Janus: A marriage proposal or a diamond ring
  18. AJ Gutang: A ring that symbolizes true love that will last forever.
  19. Rolly Marcial: Dinner you cooked yourself
  20. Koko: Couple ring
  21. Angel Ortega: Since I'm in a long-distance relationship, it would be good just to see my partner.
  22. Jenn Cadavas: A kiss to seal the deal
  23. Lloyd: with all the technology ad social netowrking sites, I think it would be a breath of fresh air to receive a traditional, hand-written, Valentines card. It's the effort that matters to me ad I'm pretty sure only few people give cards away these days.
  24. Kesh: Dinner date would be good
  25. Aris: A copilation of all my favorite songs fled into one disc
  26. Arvin Erick: Not material things. If you are courting someone and she or he says yes. Thats the best gift.
  27. Cyrus: Time. Life is so demanding nowadays that the gift of time is something worth appreciating
  28. Peter: Bouquet of white roses
  29. Ron Chuan: Time especially since Valentines falls on a weekday this year.
  30. Dino Danao: A hug from your enemies
  31. Jeremy Yap: Love in the bedroom
  32. Telai Jarabelo: friendship
  33. Enzo Lopez: Sex toys

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