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Friday, April 3, 2009

Summer Party Luau

Summer is definitely here. The air is too hot for comfort, everyone seems to be stocking up on ice cream and other cool desserts, the airwaves are blasting more danceable, carefree songs and everyone seems to be wanting to go to the beach or the nearest pool to cool off. But when you can’t go to the beach or pool just yet, or if you want to maintain that glutathione-whitened hide of yours, why not throw a beach-themed Summer party at home? Here are some tips to go about the Summer Luau all your friends have been asking for.

Ambiance- A great party starts with the ambience. This not only sets the mood of the party, but more importantly it establishes the theme of the party. Buy some leis , hammocks and torches to set the luau mood or use sarongs as table cloths. Wanna up the luau ante? Make some pineapple lamps just by carving out holes from pineapple skins (make sure though that they have not yet lost their cylindrical shape) and then place tea light candles in the middle for a summery glow. Try putting up some japans paper lamps in cascading heights or scatter a little white sand on top of your table or staple grass skirts around it. To truly make a bang form whatever word you wish (like Luau or Summer) with pieces of wire, wrap rags around them, and then drench them with gas. Light them up as your guests come in and surprise them with a truly flaming welcome.

Food- No party is complete without food. Serve up some fun fionger food like spring rolls, nachos, chips, fresh fruits, veggies with dips or maybe even fish shaped biscuits! For the main course, serve some grilled fare like pork belly, pork barbeque, chicken barbeque, fish and shrimp skewers (add some pineapple for a sweet and festive touch) and even some gambas. You could also buy frozen chicken fingers and spicy chicken wings from your local grocery. Pasta Puttanesca is also an ideal summer party or maybe even some seafood pizza.

Serve up your drinks in cool-hued glasses or offer your guests some fresh coconut juice right from the nut! And since it is never a summer party in Las Islas Filipinas without the beloved Halo-Halo, create your own Halo-halo bar. Ingredients for authentic halo-halo are now readily available in any mall-based grocery, purchase some crushed ice, milk and you are all set for a fun night of icy cool desserts!

Happy Juice- You could serve some Sangrias. Put some cheap red wine in a punch bowl, add some tonic water or juice (optional) and slices of fresh summer fruits. You could also make this festive drink in its white version by simply replacing red wine with white wine. You could never go wrong with blue and red margaritas, or even just shots of tequila. For a more festive Alcoholic treat, try some jello shots. Just make some jello according to package instructions, mix in about a half cup of vodka per package of jello (make sure to mix the alcohol in while waiting for the vodka to cool down, and not while actually heating the vodka, otherwise the alcohol will just evaporate leaving you with, well, just plain kid’s jello). Add little pieces of fruit cocktail on your molds (try those disposable ketchup or condiment containers. You know, the ones Chinese fast-food joins put soy sauce in when you take-out some food) and then pour in the jello. Oh and please don’t forget those little paper umbrellas to stick in your glass.

Costume- A summer luau is supposed to be casual. Jeans are totally gross and inappropriate for summer parties, and so are polo shirts. Ask your guests to come in Hawaiian outfits (with leis, grass skirts, coconut bras, and Hawaiian prints), beach attire (relaxed shirts, board shorts, beach dresses), or just anything casual. Flip flops are a must!

Music- I already suggested some tunes for a summer party in my last aricle but in case you didn’t catch that (Tsk. Tsk. Tsk), here are a few songs I hand picked myself: Just Go by Lionel richie and Akon, Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae, Sunshine by Gabrielle, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Amber by 311, Island in the Sun by Weezer, One Look by Kjwan and Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow.

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