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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just wrapped Up

i just wrapped up the premier of my new radio show Confessions of a Partyphile, which is, as ypou already know, based on my n ewspaper column, which is based on this blog..

so to everyone who actually tuned in, thank you

and please watch out for next week's show, that's next wednesday..

6 to 9 pm

on 105.9 mix fm

get ready for another hot-bangin paretyt and more smash hit wonders

on confessions of apartyphile (the radio show)

on 105.9 mix fm

1 comment:

UGHVVA said...

Dear Partyphile,

Good mornight!

Let me first start by saying how much I love your articles—it has been my guide to living the good life.

Partyphile, it has been my problem that my parents have an extraordinary protective-ness each time that I go out. They think I just go out for the sake of selling myself and/ or I get drunk and smoke my way up to the heavens. But I know for a fact that I just wanted to have fun and enjoy time with my friends when I still can.

Should I just follow my parents’ advice and be a good daughter to them or should I continue my life of being a part of a partyphile.

Thank you so much ultimate Partyphile. Hoping for your reply soon. Kudos to your articles.

Much love with peace on the side,

Stressed Partyphile