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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We just wrapped up recording for our song temporarily titled: "DC Strollin'"

08s2much (this rap group from davao) invioted me to sing the chorus for their song. Im lovin it! Upload it here, or somewhere onc ei gedt a copy! Loves it!

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Jed said...

crusin at the city, lighten up the mood(all night)
wont you come ride with me? oh u know u should(that's right)
youll be lovin D.C., yeah this is our hood(stay tight)
throw them frowns and worries, cuz tonyt it be all good

Jeh grin:
I got the keys to tha fuego, and i neva ride solo.
got my homeys in their seats, and i blast on my radio ...
& ima tryna keep it low while im smokin my dro.
i don't want get in trouble, im just glad to be home...
first stop...seawall..smell that fresh Davao air
music playin, We'll be drinkin', take a dip we dont care...
knowin its the right spot wen david's statue is there...
right beside QL, baby wanna go there?
maybe next tym, bounce, cuz we goin downtown.
see the crowd at torres and you can see none of them frown...
we be chillin we be drinkin, watchin people go round.
hear my homey's holla at me,Grin, whats goin down?
nothin but the same old hustle earning money ten folds.
so we can drink that red horse, ice it up so it's cold...
u imagine that we do this seven days in a week?
yeah i know we are freaks, but we wud never get sick.
of that D.C. ambiance... feel like ya home
that's why im walkin round town with my slippers on.
after all the drinkin, take a seat at bulkachong
sip some soup, sobber up, things can never go wrong!!!