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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why You Should Go On Vacation With Your Kids: A Fusion of PAst and Present

Vacations are always a treat for everybody. For somebody who goes on a vacation alone, it is a time to discover new things and to re-discover one’s self; for a couple it is a time to get to know the other better; for a group of friends it often means a crazy and carefree time; and for families, it means spending more than usual time with each other, creating memories, having fun and blocking the rest of society out.

It is in these times that family members discover sides of the rest of the family that they have yet to encounter, even though they see each other everyday. Ironically, it is in these rare times, when everybody is relaxed and optimistic that family members get to know the real people behind their Dads, Moms, Brothers and Sisters.

I remember my vacations with my own family. Much like the protagonist in the passage “Once More to the Lake”, those vacations have been stamped in my mind. It did not matter whether it was the start of a sunny summer, or if it was during a rainy day, but the feel of those exciting yet lazy vacations are still very vivid to me, like they had happened yesterday.

And it made me realize how much good a simple vacation could do to a family who is under so much stress, and is caught up in their everyday routines. Although we do not realize it, vacations link us to our fun-filled pasts. They bring us back to our childhood where everything was easy, and everything was pure and good.

I think vacations are to be encouraged to everyone who has growing children, because they not only make for great memories, relieve the stress brought about by everyday life, and give a chance for family members to bond; but they also give you a place to find your inner child, which is one of the best gifts a parent could ever give their children.

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