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Monday, August 3, 2009

Party Food: Adobo Done Three Ways

Mom made a lot of adobo today, and we had a lot of leftovers. So i thought this was a good opportunity to teach you guys how to recycle simple adobo enough to make it a party favorite. As we all know, adobo is best served with a cup of steaming hot white rice, so yeah, serve these adobo recipes with that.

I would not go as to saying that these adobo recipes are better than the original version (because everybody loves a simple adobo), but these just taste different. Treat these two recipes as adobo-helpers, if you may. Anyways, i amde these recipes assuming that you already have cooked adobo and are looking for ways to reinvent it, for the picky eaters on your dining table. So i won't be giving away my adobo recipe, especially since i know you all have your faves.

Anyways, here goes:

Baked Adobo

in a pan, melt some butter and add in a little bit of oil to prevent the butter from burning. (traditional adobo has minimal oil and no butter).

Once the butter has melted add in your adobo and saute until it has dried down and has started releasing its oils.

Add in a dash or two of worcestershire sauce. I use Lea and Perrins, but you may use any brand you have. If you do not have worcestershire sauce, or if you do not like the tangy taste, you may choose to add Liquid Seasoning instead.

Add some turmeric, just to give it a different flavor. I find that the taste of turmeric goes well with the tanginess of the worcestershire sauce. If you do not like turmeric, or if you do not have any turmeric in your pantry, you may use paprika, cumin, chili powder or just leave this step out completely.
Put the adobo in an oven-safe pan. Somehow, i was tempted to add cheese, but i was afraid it would become too salty. (i make adobo paninis with cheese and adobo flakes, but that's a whole different story.haha)
Bake your adobo until it has dried out, released its oils and turned an almost-burnt brown (Actually, the sugar in the adobo recipes caramelizes into this golden brown goodness). This is ready to serve. :D

Nutty Adobo

In a pan, heat some sesame oil.
Add in some peanut butter and hot water to dissolve the peanut butter in.
Once the peanut butter has dissolved in the water to make a runny sauce, add in some sesame seeds. If ypou do not have sesame seeds, leave this step out.
Add in your pre-cooked adobo and wait for the sauce to boil. Add in some roasted penauts.

This is how the finished product looks like. You may serve it this way, or for a bigger bqang, serve your Nutty Adobo, Baked Adobo, and Traditional Adobo, all in one plate. Your guests will love the familiar, yet different flavors of the three dishes.

Plate of the three adobos.
Nutty Adobo
Traditional Adobo with Egg slices
Baked Adobo lookin gloriously glazed.
I hope you enjoy this one as well, and find creative ways to breathe new life to your leftovers. :D You may even serve some adobo pasta!


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