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Monday, October 12, 2009

Craving? Give In

Sometimes, when you are craving something, you just have to give in. So here's something i ALWAYS crave for, even more than partying:

Pizza and Donuts!

Suually any kind and type of pizza will do, but tonight, we had some Sbarro Chicago Deep Dish, so i pigged out on that!

Plus we had some Krispy Kremes, so I ate the new Snicker's flavored one, and the relatively new flavor: Hershey's Dark chocolate.

Thanks by the way to my Papa for lugging all these boxes (of pizza and donuts) in the place, just to bring us some great food!


So if you feel a little craving, don't hold back...give in!

All these pictures were taken with my Sony Cybershot W290! Thank you Sony!

I swear, it looks thicker in person
I jsut want to lick the Snicker's from the monitor. Gosh! Even the picture looks good
Ok, i dont exactly look cute when pigging oput, but at least i'll die full!

all these photos were taken with a sony cybershot w290! thank you sony for the wonderful pics!

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