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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten Things to Do during Summer

Top Ten Things to Do During Summer

10 Go on a road trip around Mindanao

9 Find some fun activity to do like wakeboarding or zorbing

8 Pig out on ice cream

7 Learn how to bartend (whether enroll in a class or practice with the help of the internet)

6 repaint your room. Gather some friend to help you repaint your room, and maybe even repaint each other’s rooms. It will be heaps of fun

5 Hit the beach, wear your favorite bikini, wear white sun glasses, and have a cocktail in hand

4 Throw a Summer party complete with fire dancers and chill out music

3 Drink Frozen Margaritas, Mojitos, or any other cool cocktail

2 Get a tan, which still remains to be the hottest summer accessory

1 Find a summer fling

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