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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ten Chocolate Party Must-Haves

The Ten Chocolate Party Must-Haves

10 AMBIENCE: Chocolate Brown Pillows, Curtains, Carpets, and Chocolate Colored Candles for the venue, especially the comfort rooms (which is often left undecorated in most parties)

9 AMBIENCE: Chocolate or Vanilla Essential Oils. Put them in burners to give your home a sweet smell.

8 AMBIENCE: Chocolate coins and chocolate bricks to scatter around your main table. For a centerpiece, you could fill three fish bowls with different types of chocolates.

7 ACTIVITIES: A DVD Marathon of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Chocolat

6 ACTIVITIES: Chocolate high by India.Arie and Chocolate by Kylie Minogue playing in the background

5 FOOD: Chocolate Fountain

4 FOOD: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes, Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate Chicken (ask me for the recipe)

3 DRINKS: Chocolate Jelly Shot

2 DRINKS: Spiked Hot Choco

1 DRINKS: Chocolate Martini

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