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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bonnie Bailey ad the Partyphile

Because there has been a sufficient amount of drama surrounding my Bonnie Bailey blog post I decided to post a link so that the drama would be sent to these people instead. hahahaha

And again..just to clear everything up..I never said anything bad about Bonnie Bailey...and if I did it was just mentioned (in passing) that she lip synced. PLUS, in the comment box, i even defended her saying that if she was indeed lip syncing, it would be pretty understandable as it is hard to sing properly when the crowd is loud and the monitors are't sufficient

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL a conversation between 3 people one of which is a "newbie" yeah that really summed up the night.

whatever bro you just envy Cebu no one has even heard of your radio station and your trying to get negative press so people acknowledge this pathetic little dream of yours.

Why did you delete the posts of her singing accapella For Cold SUmmer Nights and Ever after... and the response you gave of Oh I didnt see that....

You are an insecure little man with a little dick and no life.