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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drink of the Day: Gorilla Snot

In a large pitcher combine:

1/4 cup Lime Cordial or Island Lime
1 cup Southern Comfort
6 cups of Lemonade (fresh)

Then drip 1 cup of Bailey's cream over the top of the pitcher

DO NOT STIR. and don't bother to garnish it. it looks like vomit, nothing can make it look better

What do you get? A twisted cocktail that kind of resembles a mousse. What happens is, the Bailey's Cream curdles form all the acid from the Lemonade to create a mustard-colored mousse. Yup, this cocktail actually has some structure to it.

Does it taste good? Well, I would like to say it does...but i haven't acquired a taste for it yet. But it kind of tastes like a coke float. If you are into that, you might enjoy this one.

AND THAT, my partyphile friend, is how you celebrate Wonderful Weirdos Day

And refer to the photo below if you wanna know how the cocktail looks like.

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