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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where to Buy Original St Dalfour Davao

I know a lot of partyphiles have been looking for St Dalfour Whitening Creams in Davao City. At first, I did not know about the product, but since all my "kikay" friends kept on gushing about it I discovered that it was this imported whitening cream that seems to be a cut above the rest. They say, unlike most whitening creams, St Dalfour brings out your whitest skin tone instead of making you looki like a glutathione-inspired, white-as-plastic, mannequin.

And we all know that key to fabulousity is looking good while looking natural. I do not really intend to have lighter skin but I hear it can minimize my freckles. So obviously, it does not only make your skin look lighter, it also evens out your skin tone. Now the problem seems to be the price, right? WRONG! If you know where to find affordable original St Dalfour in Davao, that should not be a problem.hahaha

Unfortunately, a lot of people have been selling st dalfour whitening cream online at a very high price. The good news is, I found their source! So if you want to find affordable st dalfour Davao, head on over to Belle Et Glamour. It is a store that sells a host of stuff from cosmetics to bags, shoes, and accessories but they are also one of the most popular sellers of st dalfour davao

So how cheap do they sell these babies? A set of st dalfour whitening cream, st dalfour sunblock, and st dalfour soap would cost somewhere under 1,500 pesos. not bad, right? considering that msot online retailers sell st dalfour davao for 1200 excluding the soap and the sunblock

So how do you know if the st dalfour davao that belle et glameur is selling is original? Check the label. ask the owner of the boutique for proof. i dont know how to tell. all i know is that a lot of people buy st dalfour davao in belle et glameur

you can find the boutique at the new building behind banko sentral. i think the compound is called valencia compound.haha. not so sure

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