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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Party Too Much When..

You know you party too much when:

10.) spend thousands of pesos just to go to a hot party outside the city

9.) your Mom goes on a trip abroad and brings your siblings shirts and chocolates; and then hands you a souvenir shot glass.

8.) Daddy dearest starts calling rehabilitation centers for alcoholism. Trust me; Alcoholics Anonymous is not the coolest club to join.

7.) You step inside a bar alone and actually find drinking buddies within five minutes.

6.) You think poles are only used for dancing.

5.) You have a stash of alcohol under your bed and your very own disco ball under your bed for easy, late-night, access

4.) You start measuring distances by the number of beer bottles you would have consumed by the time you got there.

3.) You’ve actually named your kids after alcoholic beverages like Nikka, Brandy, and Kahlua. Just promise me you WILL NOT name your child beefeater or Jagermeister.

2.) you never drink and drive to avoid spilling your drink.

1.) When you wake up on a Sunday morning….and you are still inside a bar.

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