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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top Ten Alcohol Facts

  1. cocktails were actually first made to disguise the flavour of spirits and liquors that were of inferior quality
  2. the world’s most expensive cocktail is worth 175,000 pesos and is a mixture of champagne and cognac poured over a sugar cube and a diamond.
  3. the most ordered cocktail in the world is the gin and tonic.
  4. coffee can worsen a hangover because it dehydrates you more.
  5. bottled tequila does not contain worms. Mezcal is the drink wherein one may find worms. And they aren’t even worms, they are caterpillars.
  6. the highest alcohol content for beer is 41%, which is a little higher than most commercial brands of Vodka and Tequila. The beer is named “sink the Bismarck” and is brewed by Brewdog.
  7. The word “toast,” which means wishing good health originated in ancient Rome. A piece of toasted bread was literally dropped into wine back then.
  8. Champagne may only be called champagne if the grapes used for the wine came from the Champagne region in France. Otherwise, the drink is simply a Sparkling White Wine.
  9. all fruits contain a small amount of alcohol in them. More importantly, people produce alcohol as well.
  10. In some European countries McDonald’s serves alcohol. Some parents like to drink alcohol while kids munch on fries and chicken nuggets.

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