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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alex de Rossi: Wala kang kaagaw sa balat ng lechon

Hyku: freedom

Dutch: Not having to tolerate another’s annoying habits

Nikki Lumayno: You don't get your heart broken!! And plus! You don't have to worry about anything on valentines day.

Indah (Indonesia): You feel a lot more free, you do not have to worry about people controlling you to be who they want you to be

Columnist Rudolph Alama: having the freedom to meet other fellow singles

Jefferson Zabala (Cebu) : Independence

Che blanco: We're free to do anything and everything we want! :) -- without asking permission from the uyab!

Toneth cabinbin: You are free. You don’t have anything holding you down or back.

JM reyes: FINANCIAL SAVINGS. No dates, no gifts, no freebies to your partner.

Nicole tiolengco: you can date anyone you like. :)

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