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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drink of the Week: Aunt Roberta

Since we are celebrating graduation season, i have decided to give out a recipe that is sure to meet all the expectations of fresh graduates. In other words, this drink gets you drunk in NO TIME. Make sure you drink this near a sink, flowing water, or the toilet bowl because it will make you throw up. Here is our drink fo the week: the Aunt Roberta.

Here's how you make it!

In a shaker with ice combine

  • 2 shots of Absinthe (which is 60% alcohol)
  • 1 shot of Brandy (which is about 30% alcohol)
  • 3 shots of Vodka (which is usually 40% alcohol)
  • 1.5 shots of gin (which is usually 30% alcohol)
  • 1 shot blackberry liqeur

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