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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top 9 China Products to Boycott

10.) Collagen shots that they get from Executed Prisoners in China that are taken without permission from the prisoner or their family.

9.) Milk with Melamine

8.) Light Balance: Lip and Eye Remover lightly gel type

7.) Toys with Lead

6.) Aichen Beauty: Grape Facial Wash. It says on the bottle that it “Eliminate Horniness Essence”

5.) Candies with Formaldehyde

4.) iFan: Portable electric fans that look like iPhones. Why should we boycott it? Because it looks stupid.

3.) Fake Eggs

2.) Dianshu Washing Private Wash: Description at the back says : It are according to the different characteristics cent of the man wash and lady wash. Do you return the iso-WHAT? Take a shower on everyday or the sexual intercourse is in front and back. Use it wash the private parts and is the hygiene the best choice of your health, at romantic tender feeling of personal status of time make you have peace of mide to have no to worry.

1.) Irony Fire Extinguisher: Would you really want an ironic fire extinguisher when you are inside a burning building?

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