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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Partyphiles Confess: Photo-taking

I asked: is it alright to take photos inside bars and clubs?

Here are the best answers:

Patricia Uy: It’s ok. You have to take pictures of good and crazy memories. It’s especially ok if the bar is nice too.

Monique Calimbas: I guess it is okay if you just take a few photos to document the night-out but to take photos when you are all drunk ad post everything on FB… that is another matter.

Dean Macavinta: It’s a free country. It’s a public place, so on is responsible for his own behaviour.

Adylon Marasigan: We should always practice responsible posting/social networking. If you are friends with the subject, better ask permission before uploading the photos. If the subject is a stranger, they should have known that what they were doing was in front of others and was done in public. Everyone should be responsible for his own actions

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