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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Three's

Top three Halloween costumes that are easy to do:

1.) Swine flu: Simply attach a pig’s snout on a surgical mask and wear it with any regular outfit.
2.) Twitter timeline: Paint a piece of illustration board in baby blue, wear it around your neck, attach white pieces of blank paper, photos, and the twitter bird. Ask people in the Halloween party to write tweets on your “timeline”
3.) Octo-Mom: Dress up as a very pregnant woman with long wavy black hair ad very thick lips.

Top three Halloween Movies:

1.) Exorcist
2.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3.) Saw Series

Top three Halloween food:

1.) Paella Negra: just order or make paella with squid ink for the sauce
2.) Bloody Fingers: Buy lady fingers and add strawberry jam at the tip of each cookie and use the jam as glue to hold one pumpkin seed per cookie
3.) Buffalo wings: Simply add blue food colouring to your buffalo wing glaze before you coat your chicken wings with it

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