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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partyphiles Confess: Ways to Beat the Heat

I asked: What is the best way to beat the heat?

Here are your answers: 

  1. Panky: Go to a higher place like Marilog or Buda
  2. Paige: Air-conditioner, TV, and Beer
  3. Raymund Libre: Wear the skimpiest beach outfit ad soak in the sea, sun, and sand.\
  4. Nicos Figueroa: Full blast AC
  5. Hyku Desesto: Drink Ice Cold Beer
  6. Blessa Bianca: Hit the beach and swim
  7. Jumer Adalain: Hit the beach and enjoy some Iced Coffee or any other cold beverage. Surfing indahican is also an exciting way to beat the heat.
  8. Ling Paradero: Be hotter than Summer
  9. Ferdy Salvador: Fly to a country that has winter now like Brazil so you can shake your bonbon in cool weather. Of course, you can always buy a colder aircon
  10. Yvonne Berzabal: Mais Con Yelo, Milk Tea, or Ice Cream
  11. MikkiTeves: Mojitos with crushed ice
  12. Dino Danao: The best way to beat the summer heat is to stay home, turn the aircon on, and enjoy some Halo-halo
  13. Maya Padillo: Halo-halo nga tag singko sa among silingan
  14. Jay Bolo: Strip your clothes off
  15. Aissa Way: Sunblock, Shades, Swimwear, a dip in the beach, plus ice cold beer.
  16. Amy Te: Bikini Carwash!
  17. Red: Take a swim in your favorite bikini and enjoy a tall glass of Pina Colada

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