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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Newsflash: May 23 2012


MANILA, Philippines— Lady Gaga will be allowed to hold a second concert in Manila on Tuesday night after state censors ruled her “provocative” act was within legal bounds, a Pasay City Mayor Antonino Calixto said.
Calixto said a team he sent to monitor the first night of the concert on Monday found nothing wrong with the event.
“Based on the report of the inspection team I sent to the Lady Gaga concert last night, we find no violations of the special conditions of the Special Permit we issued last May 16 to the promoters of the concert, Ovation Productions,” Calixto said.
There was also no nudity or holy symbols used in an improper context, despite some “admittedly provocative” statements and choreography, which was deemed still “part of an artist’s expressions” protected by the Constitution.
“Therefore, the City Government of Pasay sees no compelling or legal reason to disallow the second concert from proceeding,” Calixto said.

ABS CBN NEWS: AI finalist Phillip Phillips postpones 'desperately needed' surgery to compete against Jessica Sanchez

The last man standing in Season 11 of American Idol, Phillip Phillips, has refused “desperately needed” surgery in order to compete in the sing-off with Jessica Sanchez, the last woman standing, various US media agencies are reporting, citing information posted by TMZ.

The two contestants made it to the AI finals – Jessica despite a sore throat, and Phillip despite persistent kidney stone problems and medication that causes dry mouth.

New York Post: Last dance at the disco: Two ’70s music icons pass

The Issue: The recent deaths of music legends Robin Gibb and Donna Summer, both due to cancer.
With the recent passing of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb, the baby boomers’ soundtrack is dwindling to a few precious cuts of musical memories

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