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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Pool Party Dos and Donts

This Friday, June 1, Confessions of a Partyphile is conquering new territory by throwing its first-ever pool party. Burn: The Summer-Ender Sunset Party. Happening at the poolside of Marco Polo Davao, this party will hopefully end the season of the sun with enough oomph to keep people talking until the next Confessions of a Partyphile event. However, being in a new venue and a totally different atmosphere means that people must act to roll with the whole vibe of the event. For natural partyphiles, switching from party personas to fit the theme is a cinch, but for newbie partyphiles, discovering how to act in a laid back poolside party may not be as easy. Thus we present to you the do’s and don’ts of pool parties.

Do: Maintain a carefree attitude and a laid-back vibe. Remember, this is a pool party. Anything intense wouldn’t be appreciated. Thus, extreme make-up, extreme-flirting, extreme-drinking, and extreme-rowdiness may not be as welcome as in a club setting.

Don’t: Push your friends into the pool. First of all, it gives the host a mini heart attack. Secondly, you may ruin stuff in the process. Throwing an unknowing friend into a pool may destroy a cell phone kept in his pocket, a perfect pack of fresh cigarettes, wads of cash, a leather wallet, or his waning pride. Plus, it’s very High School. If you can, please abstain from any poolside horsing.

Do: Try to make new friends. That is essentially one of the main purposes for partying. Part of the fun in attending events and parties is meeting new people. Whether to expand your network, clout, or your social circle; it is always an exciting activity to meet new friends. So go on and mingle with other people. Don’t stay in your own little secluded area with your friends. Try to make some small talk with everyone you come across at the party.

Don’t: Drown in the pool. The last thing you would want to happen is to drown in the pool because you are too drunk. I know it may seem silly to have this on the list but please trust me when I say some people need this friendly reminder.

Do: Come up to the host. Any host would appreciate their guests coming up to them for small talk. It builds rapport and gives the host a sense of how the crowd is enjoying the party.

Don’t: Come in jeans. Come on! It’s a pool party. Although I am not one for strictly implementing a dress code during my events (because it just puts everyone in a flurry to find the perfect outfit) I think poolside party-wear shouldn’t involve jeans. Why?

Do: Handle your drinks well. Alright, alright. I know my parties are infamous for serving really strong cocktails disguised by sweet flavours but hear me out. No matter how hard the drink, or how strong the alcohol, it is always a must that you try to hold it in as well as you can. Drink only as much as you can handle and please drink some water in between glasses of alcohol. This is extra-important when in a pool party because a lot more accidents can happen by the pool.

Don’t: Play too rough. I know some of my partyphile guests find it fun to break stuff and push people around; but it isn’t very attractive and makes everybody else uncomfortable. Seriously, you should have left all those in pre-school.

Do: Try to be respectful to others. Pool parties and skimpy clothes always come hand-in-hand. This does not give you permission to stare at people; although I am sure it may be very difficult to help. Just try your best to keep your urges contained and be content with a few stolen glances unless you want other party attendees to get freaked out.

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