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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poll Question: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are out of American Idol. Who should replace them?

Deng: Usher because he is a singer/ producer or Celine Dion because she is a world-renowned singer.

Rey: I heard Britney and Demi Lovato have joined X-Favtor so maybe Miley Cyrus would be a good replacement because she is young, fresh, and can relate to a younger audience. Also, Mariah, John Legend, David Foster, and Stevie Wonder.

Marco: Lea Michelle because she's very talented and Mario Lopez because he is very appealing.

Jorick: Beyonce Knowles and Michael Buble.

Louie Pintor: Tito, Vic, and Joey

Dy: Avril Lavigne would be great

Gabriel: Just cancel the show

Lan: I-export na lang natin s Aling Dionisia

Leslie Noel: Kelly Clarkson. The first American Idol winner

Jobo: Jason Mraz

Suzette: Regina Spektor

Alexis: Aretha Franklin and David Foster

Koi: David Foster and Mariah Carey because she has been through the ups and downs in the industry and she usually breaks through trends and would know who and what works for a certain generation. And i think she will deliver enough sting in her comments.

Billy: Lady Gaga would be a very good choice since she's an original who understands what the current market wants from a performer.

Jeni: Kanye West has a reputation for being tactless. He'd be a good replacement for Simon Cowell.

Jing: There are 10 possible American Idol replacements for J.Lo and Tyler. Forbes players surveyed a handful of music business insiders about possible replacement judges. There were a few names who were less controversial than Kanye West: Johnny Wright who has managed groups including the Backstreet Boys, Queen Latifah, Madonna, Mariah, Beyonce, and Jimmy Iovine

Susie: Balancing the whole story in terms of age and genre would be nice. I'd go for Aretha Franklin (soul, funk gospel), Ozzy Osborne (heavy metal and rock--hilarious comments for sure), and Adele (if possible, unfortunately she's british)...then Lionel Richie (pop and ballad)

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