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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hard Rains and Little Tragedies

Yes. I had a rough week. Rougher than sand paper. Rougher than crocodile skin, and yes, even rougher than Mary J. Blige's voice.

But in the midst of my twenty-something depression and stress attacks, it got me thinking...

My mind wonders: do we, the younger generation, really go througgh rough times? or are we just pre-programmed by media to magbnify little tragedies in our own mind?

i mean, am i really this unlucky? do i really have a life that sucks this bad? or is it just that my point of view is twisted?

do i really have a good life, which i choose to view as "bad"?

i was watching grey's anatomy. and yes, as usual, it was filled with tears and overly emotional doctors...

and it got me wondering... is our society really like this? because i do not remember myself crying at the drop of a hat..
BUT have we, as a generation, made it acceptable to throw tantrums or carry our weight around just because we had a bad day?

the answers to these, i do not know..
but i think i have been wearing some twisted glasses..

maybe i really have it good, but i choose to see the negative side of things..or maybe this week was not really that bad...i just chose to to see the negativity in it

just maybe

of course, after you suffer a car crash, a good scolding, some turmoil with friends and parents, trouble with work and is somewhat acceptable to feel bad..and at a grand level..

but hey! im alive aren't i? and that is all that matters now...

confession #3:
even though i made it through the storm that was last week, im am optimistic, not giddy with happiness..but i am optimistic...

...even though optimism is not really cool right now


Jasmine said...

Tragedies and their impact on a person are highly individual in each and everyone. =) it all depends on perception. what may be tragic to you, may not be tragic to someone else. and something that may be a source of joy to you, may be a source of pain for another...

It all really depends on our own individual perception. Therefore, it's not really fair at all to compare the weight of our own individual problems... Because if you think about it, a PROBLEM/STRESSOR/TRAGEDY is a PROBLEM/STRESSOR/TRAGEDY... whatever form it may take on, it still causes much tension on the person who faces it. =) It's all just a matter of unique and individual perception! =)... not totally O.A. at all! Hehe

partyphile said...

umm..yeah..i know..but are we supposed to have these big reations? or are we pre-programed by media and what not to feel as bad as we do?



asive said..

im being optimistic..

even though its not really "cool" right now