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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Partyphile...All Grown Up

hey bitches!

guess what? Yes. You've read the date right.Yes. It is a saturday night. and yes. i am at home. Why?
because i hade just realized something..and yes. this is about another realization.

i had realized that tonight, unlike any other saturday night, i do not need to go out and party. tonight, i do not feel restless, i am at peace. tonight, for the first time in a very very very long time, i am ok with staying home, even though it is a saturday night. tonight, i have realized that i do not need the blinding lights, the overly loud music, the beer goggles, and the intoxication alcohol brings to have a good time.

yes. tonight, unlike any other night, i may just have realized that i am mature enough to stay at home on a saturday night.

yup. you heard it right people, the partyphile has finally grown up...

confession #4:

its either im mature enough, or i just had too much of a good time last night, drinking and partying..hahaha


Jasmine said...

zhaun! you're home! hahaha
i'll link your blog! =)

partyphile said...

hahaha....i wish i knew how to link your blog, know of any other part time writing stints jas?