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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Am Officially A Genius

I am officially a genius! i wa sleeping, and you know those few moments between sleep and waking up?

Well, yesterday morning (well actually i wake up at 1pm, so it was really yesterday afternoon)when i was just waking up, i could still almost see my dream... i could almost recall it. more importantly, i was able to hear myself talking in my dream

i was blabbering about a lot of stuff, but something i was saying made a mark on me.. in my dream i had just coined a word, and i was planning to write blogs about my word, so that i could preseve my intelectual property. right? right.

so the word i have coined is: SWINGLE which means single and willing to mingle

ok so, its not really a big word, nor is it really interesting or smart

but who else can invent a word in their sleep?

confession # 5:

im seriosuly thinking that some soul or angle or devil for that matter sent me this idea..but id still like to think its the product of a genius mind.haha..kidding...of course...unless you take it seriously

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