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Friday, September 12, 2008

So You're In Deep Shit... Here's How To Cope

Alright. So you have a problem. your problem is not a small matter, but to me, it does not matter. problems are all the same, they were sent from the high heavens to give your days a little spice, and give your life a whole lotta shit.

so you have been moping, whining and crying all day in bed. no body cares. the truth is, the world can go on without you, and another drama queen or king just will not make a difference.

anyways, your luck is bound to change. i mean nobody is eternally unlucky, and this day might be your lucky day. wel, if it isnt, your lucky day yet, at least you could cope with these tips:

1. exercise... just exercise baby! remember, endorphines make you feel happier, lighter, and some exercises, like boxing, will help take your agression out

2. write a friggin journal- nobody cares if your grammar is all twisted. just write. it is one of the best releases and it costs close to nothing. and as a bonus, you could read back to it whenever you feel bored and remember esxactly how you felt in some random day in your past. make a blog, get a diary. i dont care. you could even write in toilet paper. but just write.

3. watch a comedy. come on. you know that deep down, lying in bed crying over every little song or movie line wont help, so just go and watch a friggin, senseless comedy. it will take your mind off things and is sure to get you to a better mood

4.go to some resort. there is always a cheap resort somewhere near ya.. it doesnt matter if its a walking distance from your house, the point is, you are not in your house, where everything is familiar. in a resort where everything is new, you will also be occupied with getting to know the area and stuff. and nothing mends a broken heart like a sun setting on the horizon while you are watching from a beach somewhere...

5. get out and party- the party scene is the perfect venue for getting your mind off problems. when you are surrounded with people, you tend to think about them instead of your problems, and lets face it, alcohol really does make you forget, not just your problems, but most everything you know... so enjoy your drunken state. dont be ashamed of it.. at least on the night you are out partying and drinking, you are safe. safe from all the troubles of the mind, and safe from all the painful screams of the heart

confession #6:

people ask me why i NEED (not want) to go out partying almost every night...i never answer... i think i do not need to explain m,y decisions to any one, but the truth of the matter is

i go out every night because when im drunk in a club somewhere, every laugh could have been a tear spent while lying in bed alone

and the excitment i feel each time i meet someone new, could have been the longing for someone i used to know

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