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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marlboro Black int he Philippines?

I saw a poster in one of the convenience stores in Davao announcing that Marlboro Blacks will soon be released in the Philippines. If this is true, i hope they make it like the Japanese Marlboros--really strong menthol. Mack me up if this is true.

More importantly, why is the K in the image above a different shade?


Anonymous said...

it IS a stronger kind of menthol cigarette

Anonymous said...

"once you go black, you'll never go back" it's addictive...

too bad it's really hard to find where to buy nowadays... there are rumors that they are pulling it out of the philippines.

Anonymous said...

what? why r they puLLIng iy out here in the philippines?

Anonymous said...

can i ask a question? does it have marijuana content???

Anonymous said...

why oh why?

Anonymous said...

why my mama has been addicted of that kind of cigarettes? once my mama had been offered by her friends who has been also smoking that kind of cigarettes at one stick at her beginnings (and it's also responsible for my mama's addicting.

from that start my mama purchases one pack of marlboro black for consuming almost one day until we realised that kind of cigarette was been more salable almost all market in the Philippines
now, the market demand became high and almost no stores has been on stock,
my question is how the marlboro black is more salable than to its their own counter variant is?