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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Megan Fox is not Perfect

Alright, so everyone knows how hot Megan Fox is, and she probably stole the whole transformers movie; some people even watched it just to see her in action.And she is the next wonder woman, which i'm sur eis going to be a huge hit...Everyone has been raving about how hot she is, but you'd want to take a look at this, major turn-off!

Now, take another look at that Transformers shot, and this time, really check out her thumbs, isntead of her bountiful assets.

The bringer of bad news for all men (and some women) around the world: Zhaun Ortega

1 comment:

Timmy Te said...

OMG, that thumb is looks like its ready to do am E.T. impression....THUMB:"Megan go Home"....