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Monday, July 27, 2009

Breakfast Party Food: Homemade Sausage McMuffin

Everyone who knows me knows that i love Sausage McMuffins from McDonalds. I love how the salty and slightly spicy sausage (which looks more like a burger patty) tastes with the sweet, slightly tart, english muffin (no, i don't mean muffin as in a cupcake, i'm talking about a type of bread). Recently, Mama discovered sausage patties from PureFoods in SM. they taste exactly like the sausage they use in McDonald's. Plus, i found some English Muffins at Royal breadhouse. So all we needed to make our own Sausage McMuffins with Egg were cheese and eggs.

If you happent o find the PureFoods Sausages , try this out:

Crack an egg into a microwaveable container.

Pop it in the microwave for 40 seconds on high. Your eggs should not be runny after cooking. If you are pan frying your sunny-side-ups, make sure to flip them over and fry both sides. It would be jahrd to eat it with the yolk running all over.

Remove from the microwave and set aside.
On a stove-top grill, non-stick pan, or any frying pan available to you, fry the sausages with a bit of oil.

After the sausage looks done and perfectly browned, flip it on the reverse side and top with cheese. If you have quick-melting cheese on hand, you might have a better looking product than mine, but i just used Eden Cheddar Cheese for this one, and it still tasted great.

While waiting for the cheese to melt, slice your English Muffins and fry on the stove-top grill. Mine came pre-sliced though. :D

After the English Muffins have browned and formed a crunchy crust, put the Sausage on top of the (bottom part of the) bun

Top it with your microwaved egg, and your homemade Sausage McMuffin with egg is good to go!

I love how it feels like im eating fast food at home. At least this one is (theoretically) healthier. Oh, by the way, use Heinz ketchup for the Mcdonald's effect of it all. hahaha

At least you don't have to choose between coffee, hot choco, orange juice, or pineapple juice. You can serve this with beer. Thats enough for all the partyphiles to flock to your house. hahaha. :-)


jong said...

Jong likes this.

partyphile said...

u gots to try and easy