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Monday, July 27, 2009

Level Up

Level Up is a new bar that opened a couple of saturdays ago. Its located along F. Torres street, in that new building in front of Prime Square. it is right beside Coffee Cat.

Level Up is mostly a restaurant, but i havent tried their food yet. On the side closer to Coffee Cat however, Level Up has a mini bar. And i mean mini.

Anyways, im reviewing the place because well, i have nothing b etter to do, and i think maybe the club-going davao public would want to know if its worth their while and buck to go there. :D

Well, im just gonna say, right off the bat, that i wasted the three hours i spent there.l And i spent three hours there just because my friends was friends with one of the owners. Anyways, the place is really really small, and the interiors were, eccentric, to say it in a good way. I could not udnerstand what look they were aiming for. It kinda looked industrial with the unfinished cement floor and walls (well, they looked unfinished but they were actually glossed), and they had lights sticking out from the floor. However, the stools were made of wood, which, in my opinion, didnt fit in with the rest of the interior. Come to think of it, they also had sofas. i dont know. T this day im still quite confused on what look they were aiming for.

There wer eno people when we got there, except for the DJs clique, and it was 1 am. It should have been packed (plus it was easy to "pack" the place, it was as tiny as a closet).

The owner tells me they are trying to compete with the metro lounge. good luck with that.


Music: 3 beers
Drinks: 1 beer (seriously, no ice???)
Interiors: 2 beers
Crowd: 0 beers (what crowd?)

Over All: 1 and a half bottles of beer.

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