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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4 is Natrional Frappe Day

It doesn't matter, how you like it, or what flavors you prefer; it doesn't matter if your want it with ice cream, or with whipped cream; it doesn't matter if you like the more conventional coffee-based versions, or the go-crazy-on-fruit kind; you are allowed to rejoice because October 4 is National Frappe Day!!!

Call all your friends out and share this drink with them! If you want a truly happy Frappe party, lace yours with some Bailey's or Kahlua! Woooohooo!

Now that's one happenin' Frappe party!

Try it in a classic tumbler
In a sexy, sophisticated glass, with a quirky choco-syrup design

Try it in a no-frills plastic cup
Or on a warm afternoon by the harbour
Try it freezing cold, filled with blueberries and bananas
Or have an ice-cream topped frappe as a sweet ending!

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