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Monday, October 5, 2009

PBB Double Up

I just watched PBB Double Up, and I must say, this Season's first episode was underwhelming.

It started off with the same graphics and "mystery", and it was fine. Not extraordinary, but it was good enough. And then the three gorgeous hosts came out, first was Toni Gonzaga, who looked prettier than usual, Marielle Rodriguez who looke dlike she lost some weight, and Biance Gonzales who looked extraordinarily beautiful, and then the camera panned down. And immediately i thought "What the Eff was Bianca thinkin' when she put that gown on?"

It looked like a decent dress on top, but then a couple of inches down her waist, instead of having glitters to cover the rest of the dress, it just looked like a piece of net. Strange fashiopn choice for Bianca, but hey, at least she took chances.

And then they showed previews of who the housemates could be, and they described the Davaoeno contestant as the "Struggling mom".

And then they started revealing the housemates one by one, starting with a Cebuana chick named Princess. They built her up to be Va-va-voom sexy and beautiful but ...well, she isn't THAT pretty. Good thing she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I loved how she said "Pag CHUR uy"

The next one was Tom, who they claimed was from Samar, but he was more of an Amboy. right after the hosts introduced him, they even thanked ABS-CBN USA, so I'm not so sure if they discovered him here, or in the USA> Im just saying, if he auditioned in the States, it should be said that he IS from the USA. He looks like a model though. From the present bunch, I think he is the one who is going to make it big; much like Sam Milby.

Next person they presented was Delio. He had a sob story. He's a cook from Batangas and he only has a grade school diploma under his belt. I bet you now, this dude is gonna win it, unless he starts annoying the whole Philippines, because judging form the way he carried himself in the house (yes, Im saying this after a 5 minute preview of their lives inside the house) he can get pretty annoying.

The next was the Chinito-Cebuano Jake Paul (i think. not sure about the Paul). They say he hails from a rich family with a lot of businesses. He's like the man's man. Loves drinking, loves cars, loves airsoft, and loves to party! I hope he doesn't act like a spoiled brat inside, although the hosts stressed (a lot) that he can get along with all kinds of people, even their drivers and workers and stuff. He seemed genuinely nice though.

Next one to be revelead was Jayson, a Kanto boy from Mindoro. He seemed high on drugs while he was presented on stage, and didn't go down the secret hatch when he was asked to (this was part of a magic trick where he was supposed to disappear behind a hoop with a curtain). when the magicians put down the cloth, he was still there. Anyway, he was obviously put there to stir some trouble. I think he will be succesful,and then get booted out.I just wish they could have picked a "kontrabida" who looked good while doing evil things. This one just looked ugly, gross and unkempt.

Melissa was the next one to be revealed. Described as Kenkay from Gensan; this college student was a bit quirky, tried to be funny, and tried to grab attention.l From the way she exaggerated her English, to the way she braided her her (in front of her head); this girl (who seems smarter than she lets out) seems to have planned this game. I think ABS CBN just put her there to compete with GMAs Patani. As if she's a threat.

The next was a girl from Japan, named Yuri. All i remember about her was that she loved to party. So i like her right off the bat.

Next up was Mariel, the "Struggling Mom" from Davao. She says she's a party girl, but ive never seen her out and about town. Although her baby-daddy looks awfully familiar. haaha

Yhel is a widow from Pampanga. She looks like trouble to me. Self-righteous trouble. Thats all im saying.

The two next guys were revealed: Tofi and Kenny. They are twins. they are both from Rizal, and they are both from the basketball varisity of their school. This "twist" (which was easy to predict. well,a t least I did) was the first "double Up"

The next one was another set of twins, JP and JM. This pair looked better and kinder than the previous pair, and these two already had wives and families.

The third element of "double up" was that the twins were separated and asked to go to separate houses. This year, there were two Big Brother Houses, which looked identical but with different interior design. Int he first house, only Princess was the girl,and on the second house, only JP is the guy so far.

The episode ended with the hosts telling the audience to catch the Spooktacular reveal next saturday, where I'm guessing, they'll be revealing more housemates.

I always said that if they wanted to show REAL filipinos, they shouldn't choose people who were good looking. they should choose ordinary-looking mena nd women. Now, that is exactly what they did, and I take it back! Theyre not so good for the eyes!

Bring in someone gorgeous..soon!


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Anu title ng mga party music sa PBB double up?thanks

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