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Monday, October 5, 2009

Party Food: Deconstructed Cali Maki

Here's one VERY QUICK recipe. I personally do not eat this (because i hate mayonnaise), but everybody says it tastes great, and is refreshing to the palate. So I decided to share our recipe. :D

This salad has Kani and Mango, just like a regular California Maki roll, but without the rice. Because rice with salad is...well, Chopsuey! :d haha

Ingeredients: Lettuce, Mango, Kani (check the frozen aisle in your grocery), Salmon Bits (optional) and Japanese Mayo

Tear your lettuce and make a bed on a wide plate.
Top with cubed mangoes and sliced Kani. If you like, you may also add some Salmon bits, like in the picture above.
Squeeze some Japanese Mayo and you are done! Voila!

Serve this on your next Japanese-themed house party, and wait for your guests to scream "Oishi!"

Thank You to Sony Cybershot W290 for my new Camera! I shot all these pictures with my new W290! My food pictures have never looked so good! YThanks for putting a "gourmet" function!

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