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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cold Treatment

Cold Treatment

Everybody I know has been complaining about the heat in the city. El Nino is obviously here, and it is bound stay for at least two more months. Sadly, the rotational brownouts do not help at all, but below are the list of things that will.

Mix It Up: When Filipinos realize its too hot outside, we always crave for halo-halo. And when in Davao, one has to try the city’s most revered halo-halo shop: Aling Foping’s. Located at MTS, this quaint store gives you customizable halo-halo with the smoothest crushed ice ever. Rumor has it, they use mineral water to make the ice, shave it once and then pack it back in the mold. When you order a serving (if you can stand ordering JUST ONE) they shave the ice again, making it the only twice-shaved ice cream I know of.

Go Gigantic: If ice cream is what you are craving for, this cute little resto in Damosa Gateway may just be the perfect spot for you. Choose among a wide array of ice cream concoctions from the classic banana split, to parfaits and even refreshing ice cream based beverages all served in hefty packages! If you plan to beat the heat in a big way, this is the place to do it.

Fly Butterfly Fly: If you crave for something alcoholic, as I usually do mid-afternoon, but want to keep cool; Farfalla is the place for you. This pasta bar that literally translates to “butterfly” will give you just that: butterflies in your tummy. The outrĂ© smells of this homey place will get you excited to sample their wonderful pasta offerings. However, if your only purpose is to beat the heat, you must try their Mojitos. They are more citrusy and minty than I’m used to, but they just add more fresh appeal to this wonderfully classic drink. Plus, a dash of light rum never hurt anyone

Get Minty: Since we’re already in the topic of alcohol, why not try a glass of Bols Peppermint at Someplace Else at the Habana Compound in Rizal Street? This glass of mint liqeur is sure to keep you cool enough, no matter what the temperature outside is. If you can not imagine drinking a minty alcoholic beverage, imagine taking a swig of vodka with ten pieces of mentholated candy. Yes, it is that strong.

Slushed Alcohol: If something more ice-laden is what you crave for, drop by Dos Amigos, still at the Habana Compound in Rizal, and choose from their wide array of blended margaritas to finally get rid of the heat. For more added refreshment, pick flavors with mint in them.

Zen Appeal: If you want something healthier to help you beat the heat, try CafĂ© Firrenzo’s blended green tea drink. Unlike some cafes that serve their green tea drinks with a dollop of whipped cream, Firrenzo serves theirs sans the calorie-laden spoonful of icky cream. I find that the richness of the cream overpowers the fresh and refreshing taste of green tea, so Firrenzo’s take on the Japanese fave is delightfully pleasant.

Italian Job: If, like me, you often crave for something fizzy when the heat of summer arrives, you would appreciate Fagioli’s line of Italian Sodas. They offer a wide array of these fizzy drinks in several flavors like Strawberry, Kiwi, Blueberry, and other fruit favorites. Plus, they do not break the bank.

Scream Without Cream: If you want another healthy alternative, try out I Scream Fro Yo. This three-week old stall is quite simple compared to most shops that sell frozen yogurt, but their products taste as good. I had a serving of frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries, chopped walnuts, and a thin strawberry syrup. Surprisingly, it was as satisfying as more expensive brands, and was quite refreshing as well. It was so good in fact, that I ordered another one of their concoctions. My second order was the Frozen Yogurt Flurry with bits of Butterfinger and caramel syrup that turns into a chewy string once it touches the frozen dessert. The effect: a melt-in-your-mouth, stuck-between-your-teeth, pasted-on-your-lip experience, or as I would call it: pure pleasure. I predict this will be one of the city’s best kept secrets for years to come.

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David Jay Gomez said...

Hey partyphile! Thanks for visiting our shop, I SCREAM FRO YOU. We hope to see you again. I have to show your blog to my mom, she didn't expect somebody would blog about it.

And I fully support your blog! Davao is a wonderful, wonderful place. If only people would just come and visit they would know what we are talking about.