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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten House Party Themes

Since most of the hottest bars and watering holes in the city have closed down and you are probably thinking about throwing hot house parties, here are top ten themes you could choose from:

10.) A pajama party: Serve up some coffee and hot chocolate, but spike them with Kahlua and Bailey's respectively. Because, again, everything is better with alcohol.

9.) Barbecue Party: Nothing beats a good old barbecue party right in the middle of summer. Serve ice codl beer for this party. Simple food. Simple drink.

8.) A Kiddie Themed adult party: Throw a kiddie themed adult party complete with party hats, sexy mascots, and spaghetti. Serve up some colorful jelly shots.

7.) Summer themed party: You can chillout in your backyard. Just serve some mojitos and margaritas and play all the summer songs you can think of.

6.) Ice Cream Party: create Ice cream based desserts and cocktails or simply pour some rum over vanilla ice cream.

5.) Confessions of a Partyphile Party: just buy some booze, turn up the radio and tune in to confessions of a partyphile

4.) Sports Themed Party: Require all your guests to come in sports gear. you can play sports in your background and drink energy drinks spiked with vodka

3.) DVD Parties: Just gather your friends, watch DVDs and munch on some popcorn and beer

2.) Booze Luck: Kind alike pot luck but with more booze

1.) Blackout Party: When all your guests have arrived, ask all of them to chug ten beers or ten shots of vodka. If they have not passed out by the time they consume those, add two more beers or two more shots. The good news is: you dont have to worry about food. The bad news is: you'd have to worry about all the puke/vomit scattered around your home. But what is a party without some vomit, right?

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