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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Confessions of a Partyphile Anniversary Party

Last July 30, friends, followers, listeners, and readers of Confessions of a Partyphile joined forces with all the hottest partyphiles in the city to celebrate Confessions of a Partyphile’s second anniversary. Held at Marco Polo Davao’s Eagles Bar, the Confessions of a Partyphile Anniversary Party was presented by 105.9 Mix FM from 9 in the evening until around one in the morning the next day. So what happened during the first Confessions of a Partyphile party?

There were games; tens of thousands worth of prizes were given away, Davao’s fave DJ—Torch spinned all of his favourite party tracks which were blended with the Confessions of a Partyphile (the radio show’s) radio playlist. Bottles of beer were sold at a discounted price and Eagles Bar whipped out a special Confessions of a Partyphile discounted pica-pica menu for that night. The “Partyphile cocktail” was also included in the special menu. This cocktail of lychee, brandy, orange, and other Partyphile secret ingredients was served exclusively for that night.

Was it fun? Well, unfortunately, I could not really tell since it was my party. However, I could say that it was heart warming; at least on my end. I was more than delighted by the support that the local party crowd has showed me for the past two years, and especially on my first event. I felt like that party was the culmination of everything I have been working hard at for the past two years, and it was fun to actually see the people who follow my blog, newspaper column, and radio show in person.

And although this article may sound too self-indulgent, I am writing this for the purpose of sincerely thanking everybody who had supported me these past two years; whether they present at the party or not

And if you didn’t make it to that one, here is some inside scoop: the next party may be sooner than you think! Watch out for more and add us up on Facebook. Simply key in on the address bar of your web browser.

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Listen to Confessions of a Partyphile (the radio show) on 105.9 Mix FM or every Wednesdays from 6 to 9 in the PM.

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