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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drink of the Week: Cool Collins

Because we're mid-way through summer, I decided to give out a recipe that is both easy to make and refreshing. Unlike most of the drinks I share, this is NOT alcoholic. SHOCKER!!!! Alcohol dehydrates the body, so its not a good idea to bask in the sun with some alcohol in hand.

Now, here's a piece of trivia not many people know.

Fact: the most refreshing type of drink is water. But not just any old kind of boring, flat, tap... sparkling water is hands down the most refreshing drink for summer. So, here is a mocktail recipe with a lot of sparkling water.

Here is the Cool Collins:

  • Pour 2 oz of lemon juice in a glass
  • Combine it with a teaspoon of refined sugar or powdered sugar
  • Add 7 mint leaves (or more if it's an extra warm day
Then crush it with a bar spoon or a small pestle then add some ice. Top it off with A LOT!!!!!!! (said in a high-pitched, semi-sing-song voice) of sparkling water... Sip. and Enjoy.

*note: You could buy sparkling water at Starbucks, Coffee Cat, or any good grocery. Look for San Pellegrino or Perrier Vittel

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