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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Top 5 Ways to Cool Down This Summer

5.) Bring a small Spray Bottle filled with water wherever you go and feel free to spray it on no your face whenever you feel like it.

4.) Mint Cosmetics and Toiletries: Try using mentholated shampoo, lip balm, facial masks, conditioner, soap, and (my latest discovery) MENTHOLATED TOOTHPASTE. LOL. Ok, so I was being sarcastic. But you get the idea right? Use everything mentholated!

3.) Sparkling Water: Again, is the most refreshing type of water there is. The tiny bubbles and the fizz allow you to enjoy good old water in a more refreshing form.

2.) Wet a towel and put in your freezer. You can use this to pat yourself down and cool yourself off.

1.) Make some instant slush. All you have to do is fill ice cube trays with some fruit juice (you could also add alcohol if you want) and then pop it in the freezer. Simply pop out the frozen juice cubes and blend them in a blender until it resembles slush.

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