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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Mish Mash

So it is still summer. The sun is still shining, and the sweat glands are still overproducing. Most partyphiles have already made use of their summer vacay by going on vacations to far flung places and by lounging by the beach or some random pool in the city; but it has not ended yet. Some partyphiles are waiting for a big bang to end the season of sunshine with. Between you and me, I predict that there will be a double wham-bam of summer enders this season.

At the end of this week the Saranggani Bay Fest, arguably the hottest and funnest summer event in Mindanao, will take place, followed by a hot bangin’ party to end the month on the 27th, organized by (still) my favorite events organizing group: Fishtank Productions. Until then, you would have to find ways to beat the heat and take up your time, my young partyphile reader. Here are some suggestions for you:

If you are trying to look for ingenious ways to cool down this summer, and your old and trusted Halo Halo just does not cut it, here are fresher ideas:

5.) Bring a small Spray Bottle filled with water wherever you go and feel free to spray it on your face whenever you feel like it. You may also add some tea tree oil to provide an anti-septic effect, or some peppermint oil for a cooling effect.

4.) Mint Cosmetics and Toiletries: Try using mentholated shampoo, lip balm, facial masks, conditioner, soap, and (my latest discovery) mentholated toothpaste! Ok, so I was being sarcastic. But you get the idea right?

3.) Sparkling Water: This is the most refreshing type of water there is. The tiny bubbles and the fizz allow you to enjoy good old water in a more refreshing form. And although it is a bit pricey for water, it quenches my thirst like nothing else! And if you are wondering, Sparkling Water, like San Pellegrino or Perrier Vittel is naturally sparkly.

2.) Wet a towel and put in your freezer. You can use this to pat yourself down and cool yourself off. Simple. Easy. Do-able.

1.) Make some instant slush. All you have to do is fill ice cube trays with some fruit juice (you could also add alcohol if you want) and then pop it in the freezer. Simply pop out the frozen juice cubes and blend them in a blender until it resembles slush.

If you are throwing a house party and want to serve refreshing summer drinks, here are some of your options:

1.) Cool Collins: This non-alcoholic cocktail (also known as a mocktail) is a refreshing play on the mojito. This uses sparkling water, so you know it will cool you down. The fact that it has citrus will work well to cleanse your palate and refresh you. Here is how you make it:

  • Pour 2 oz of lemon juice in a glass
  • Combine it with a teaspoon of refined sugar or powdered sugar
  • Add 7 mint leaves (or more if it's an extra warm day)
  • Then crush it with a bar spoon or a small pestle then add some ice. Top it off with sparkling water, sip, and enjoy (preferably by the beach)

2.) Mojito: Is a refreshing and thirst-quenching cocktail that is perfect for a warm summer day. Here is how you make it:

· Tear three mint leaves and place in a highball glass

· Top it with 1.5 oz of white rum, 2 tablespoons of simple syrup (to make, simply cook equal amounts of water and sugar and simmer until all the sugar is dissolved), and half an ounce of lime juice.

· Add crushed ice.

· Add soda water until the glass is filled to the brim.

3.) Margarita: Becaise it ain’t summer until you’ve had a margarita, here is a recipe for the king of all summer drinks:

In a blender, combine:

· 2 oz of Tequila

· 1 oz Lime Liquor

· 1 oz Triple Sec

· 1 cup crushed ice

· Blend until smooth. Serve. Get Drunk.

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