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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Partyphiles Confess: Too Much Partying

I asked you to complete the sentence: You know you’ve partied too much when____?

Pier Lopez: You wake up outside your house and you realize you slept in the garage

Claire: You wake up on a Sunday morning…and you are still inside the club

Paolo Gutierrez: You’ve forgotten how you got home and where your cellphone is

QC Verano: You wake up in someone else’s bed

Tin Tine: You don’t know where all your money went

Martin Samson: You schedule your daily activities, like eating, sleeping, and the like, around parties

Doy Bijis: Staying home on a Friday or Saturday night is not an option

Joan Alquino: You have no idea how you got home and slept with your contacts on

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