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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When is Partying Too Much Partying?

People over Twitter have asked me: when is partying, too much partying? Now, this is one of the tougher questions to answer because it is a very relative topic. But here is the deal: no matter how much you love partying, there should be a point in time where you actually draw the line. for me, there are three things you should watch out for.

1.) When your health starts to suffer, you are partying too much
2.) When you forego all your other responsibilities, you are partying too much. Skipping school, skipping work, neglecting your children, or your loved ones are the worst tell-tale signs of too much partying
3.) When you put shame upon yourself, your family, the company you represent, and your group of friends in a way that you would definitely not if you were sober, then you are partying too much.

Partying is a celebration of life; it is supposed to inspire you... not to destroy all other aspects of it.

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