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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poll Question: How did you spend your long weekend?


Muesli Gabriel: Travelling

Jonas Dandan: Party. Sleep. Net.

Cheska Mempin: spent a fortune on a party that played really good music but hardly ANYONE DANCED, flirted a little, a dash of drama here and there and to cap it all off, got dragged in a pool with my bag drenching ALL my stuff including my phone and ruining my make up. FUUUUUUUN! ♥ palangga jud nako ang davao forever.

Koi Sevilla: in my bed for the most part because sleep is such a luxury and then a full day at the beach (where I gathered too much of the sun that even my scalp has sunburn!) :)

Soi Meralpis: At Work :(

Kristine Tactacon-Santos:  went for a long ride to another city para mkapagswimming! :)

Aldon Villaflor: Movie marathon, pasyal sa mall with friends, tapos review.

MJ Nicasio: I spent the long weekend at home. home. and home.

Martin Buen: I went to a friend's birthday, then to Prive, then to Cebu, then Bohol, then gym!

Jonah Toajo: Kadayawan parties 'til dawn. Long hours of sleep during daytime. Food trips. Went to the bazaar and capped the weekend off by going to the beach with friends.

Doy Bijis: early chug last Thurs at Gerrys Grill then Fri at Last Exit and Vibetribe then bonding with gf the next day. pretty much devastating for my bladder. 

Bella: Shopping and bonding with my family :D

Noel: I got with my friends and went malling and bar hopping

Micah Frasco: Partied from Thursday to Saturday then went to Loleng's for a overnight drinking session then went straight to the beach afterwards. Went to Abreeza for a movie then one last bucket of beer to end Monday night. Lastly, I play Mah Jong with my retard friends.

Telai Jarabelo: Roadtrip to Surigao!

Grace Iosanto: Movie marathon!

Richard Fanlo: Spent a day at Chemas By The Sea with the family. Spent the rest of it by sleeping and bumming around.

Drew: I just had rest and relaxation. The long weekend is the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep.

Markie: Attend a reviews for the Nursing Licensure Examination. Went to Starr last Saturday then watched the Floral Parade last Sunday.

Galilea: Had some coffee and videoke with friends, witnessed the Kadayawan floral parade, then went to Saranggani for some island hopping.

Martina: Went to work. I work in a call center. 

Noel: Sleep. Eat. And more sleep.

Deng Ongkingko: Roadtrip with former Mix FM DJs Wacky and Sol, and Starr's official photographer: Gian! 

Mayen: Attended a wedding at Tagaytay Highlands

Bo: Slept all day and partied all night

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