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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poll Question: What is your favorite rainy season food?

We asked you earlier via BBM, Twitter (@zhaun) and Facebook ( what your favorite rainy season food was, and here are your mouth-watering replies!

1. Ivo: lugaw, fishballs and kikiam
2. Camille: champorado
3. Bianca: Champorado
4. Tin: Champorado
5. Krizia: Champorado
6. Doy: Chicken sopas and corn soup
7. Ryan: Goto with hard-boiled egg
8. Louie: Arroz Caldo and Lomi
9. Rey: Champorado with tuyo
10. Rod: Binignit
11. Grace: Bulalo
12. Deng: Cecil’s Batchoy
13. Adrian: Scalding hot bulalo
14. Panky: Chocolate porridge with biscocho
15. Jimson: Pandesal! It’s soo Filipino and keeps you warm despite the cool weather
16. Ferdie Salvador: Chicken Noodle Soup
17. Kyrie: Hot and Spicy Ramen!
18. Mayen: Gionisang munggo with smoked fish, itlog na maalat, and kamatis
19. Maya: Lugaw and Champorado with bulad
20. Marco: Noodles with egg
21. Carlo Gabriel: La Paz Batchoy
22. Clovis: Arroz Caldo and Tokwa’t Baboy…Warm, rich, food for the cold weather!
23. Zeb: Balbacua!
24. Dann: Oatmeal  with milk and milo! The better alternative to plain old champorado
25. Ronald: Quikchow beef with egg!
26. Michael: Sinigang!
27. Benj: Spicy Thai Noodles
28. Kristtine: Tinolang Manok or Bulalo
29. Loelle: Seafood Ramen from Rai Rai Ken
30. Princess: Ramen or Tom Yum Noodles. Basically, any soup with noodles.
31. Nikka: Anything basta walang food poison
32. Gardo: Creamy sopas with a lot of chicken chunks
33. Archie: Pork soup
34. Enrique: Arroz Caldo with a lot of garlic
35. Koji: Lomi, Ramen, Siopao, and Sopas
36. Kevin: Turon with coffee while soundtripping
37. JB: Sopas at Kayakap
38. Kram: Chips and dips
39. Dan: Fries are enough for me
40. Rain: Anything spicy would be perfect for the rainy season
41. Aldrin: Monggo!

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